Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Assisting independent living is one type of support you can receive to live in your home. With supported
independent living, individuals require some level of help at home.
Alive Australia Services

Supported Independent Living(SIL)

We assist with daily living aid, including clothing, meal preparation, prescription, and domestic services, such as gardening, shopping, and attending personal appointments.



24 hrs Support

Dedicated Team

We Provides Following Supported Independent Living(SIL) Services:

Personal care / Daily Personal Activities

Daily living assistance encourages independence around daily life skills. Alive Australia Services will enable participants to build on current skills and achieve new ones.

Medical Assistance

Medication Management at Alive Australia Services aims to maximise the benefits of treatments that provide positive results for each patient.


We help participants budget their NDIS plan to achieve all they want in the provided budget.

Time Management

Participants need more time to complete their necessary tasks due to their disabilities Our support worker assists an individual in achieving personal tasks effectively..

Socializing / Social skill development

We help you in social and civic activities; you may become engaged in the community, establish contacts, socialise, and receive support.

House Maintenance

Managing household tasks become more difficult for a disabled person, and it may be an even bigger challenge for aged disability managing.

Cooking Assistance

Alive Australia knows how vital mealtime is throughout morning, afternoon and evening. It is an essential part of your day. Our support workers provide thoughtful cooking assistance services to ensure you have the most satisfying experience at every meal.

Development of Daily living

We help you to encourage personal development and increase opportunities to participate in the community. We assist them in using public transport, developing skills, and performing day-to-day activities.

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