Community Access

We provide you with Community Access services that exist to meet your clinical and personal needs
so that you can lead an independent and healthy lifestyle.

Alive Australia Services

Community Access Services

We will help you identify community organisations that provide activities you enjoy most and connect you with them. We help you in building skills to participate in your community actively.



24 hrs Support

Dedicated Team

We Provides Following Community Access Services

Day Support

This service assists you in ensuring their care and hygiene are always upheld. Participants may be required to complete personal care tasks such as showering, toileting, changing etc.

Community Participation

We help you focus on life skills and development activities and increase your ability to live independently. The Alive Australia service aims to develop independence through your skills and create valued roles and relationships in your local community.

Goal Setting

We work with you to develop goals, confidence and independence to feel empowered and get the most from life.

Social and Recreational Support

We Develop nature friendships and peer networks, new interests and new skills, participation in employment & education and Independent living.

Manage and attend appointments

We help you attend regular doctor appointments, educate them, and achieve greater independence.

Confidence Building

Our support worker helps the participants to have faith in themselves and guide them in achieving their goals.

We Are Here For You

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